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Leverage a ready-to-go webinar to demonstrate your value to prospects. Just show up and present!

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For Microsoft Partners in Western Europe
Normal price: €2.500

BYB’s Webinar: to share knowledge, demonstrate skills and to convince prospects to take the next step

The need to demonstrate value and to communicate online via a scalable channel is rising. Webinars are ideal in this context yet setting them up can be complicated and time consuming and inexperience can impact both quality and consistency.

In this program, we'll help you with all technical aspects – including webinar tooling and invitation & registration processes – to help you tell the right story with maximum impact.

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Why consider it?

  • Our program helps you craft a webinar that delivers impact while also filling your webinar with the right prospects
  • Partners are able to show their knowledge, expertise, and added value through a virtual environment for today's needs.
  • We take care of everything, from setup of the webinar (tooling, registration, and follow-up process) to attracting the right people. We also provide coaching and help you in crafting the right, relevant story for your webinar.


  • A professionally set-up webinar, telling the right story to the right audience
  • A smooth registration and evaluation process
  • With the advertising budget that is included, we have been able to (depending on circumstances such as target audience, existing brand equity, etc.) attract between 9 and 30 participants for a given webinar.

Funding available for Microsoft Partners in Western Europe

Are you a Microsoft Partner? Claim your Webinar Accelerator funding today and start with your webinar in a box accelerator. The campaign includes:

  • Define the market & story
  • Creation of presentation & campaign content
  • LinkedIn Advertising Campaign to invite participants
  • Webinar tooling
  • Registration and evaluation process
  • Regular reporting and advice
  • 24/7 access to YourWoo – our bespoke insight and leads overview platform
  • ..and € 750 advertising budget!

Availability is limited and campaign funding is distributed on a "first-come-first-serve"-basis.

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