Online Presence Assessment

What Is Your Number 1 Online Improvement Area?

Roadmap to help you set priorities, and determine where to start when optimizing your online presence

Increase website traffic, improve your search ranking, grow your social network followers

Insight into how your business is currently positioned online

Beyond my expectations

“I expected to receive a report with fairly superficial observations on the state of our website. This went way beyond my expectations. I expect an increase in website traffic & conversion.”

Heather - Prodware

3x customer numbers!

“Getting useful feedback on our concept and leads and we aim for 3x the number of customers! We really think this is awesome!”

Gustav - Azeo Sweden AB

An action plan to improve

“Understanding how our website performs with accurate and compelling data was a real eye opener for us. We’ve already made an action plan to improve the website in the next 3 months."

Giulia - HTC High Tech Consultant

Stand out and thrive online - even though competition is Increasing

There’s never been a better opportunity for small & medium businesses to keep innovating and find new ways to serve their customers. Businesses have embraced new forms of technology – enabling them to meet new challenges, changing consumer behaviours, and survive and thrive through these difficult times.

Online presence is becoming an increasingly important part of doing business. And with COVID turning people’s attention online, this trend can only gain more traction.

Get a complete & accurate picture of your business online

When tuned and optimized correctly, a website – combined with other online channels – can become your best sales person.

However, the reality is that many companies lack the time or knowledge to optimize their channels by themselves. As a result, their online channels are more like a static business card, instead of a tool that generates leads.

So how do you turn your online presence from a company flyer into a lead generation engine? First, know that your online presence is never really finished. It should always be in motion. Second, improve your online presence using data.

There are numerous factors that influence your effectiveness online. That’s why it’s crucial that all of your online touchpoints are configured in the right way – and performing correctly. Sure, it takes time and in-depth analysis, but don’t stop until you have a clear picture of how potential customers come to understand exactly what you do, the services you provide, and the value you offer.

Turn Your Online Presence In A 24-Hour Sales Person

The battletested Online Presence Assessment will help you find out how to turn your online presence into that 24-hour, 7 days a week, salesperson.

It gives you an overview and insight into your status quo, and provides an action plan on how to improve. You’ll have concrete next steps at the end of the experience.

Each Online Presence Assessment analyses over 200 data points relating to your online presence – segmented into easy-to-scan insights and actionable takeaways – in one complete report which covers six key areas:

  1. Proposition – How clear is your online offer?
  2. Targeting – Do you attract the right audience online?
  3. Website – How well is the technical performance of your website?
  4. Content – Do you have the right mix of content on your website?
  5. Search – How well do you score on search engines?
  6. Lead Generation – What can you improve on your website to generate more leads?

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Online Presence Assessment

Loved By Our Customers

We have a marketing team of 3 specialists & we were all impressed

“Just do it - I guarantee you will come out of it a wiser (wo)man. I cannot stress enough how satisfied we were. We have a marketing team of 3 specialists & we were all impressed not only by the report but more so by Youri's briefing with concrete steps we can take today.”

Heather - Prodware

Conversion over the next 12 months

"We expect to take advantage of the feedback, improve our online presence. and generate more traffic & conversions over the next 12 months. It's a good program."

Julien - Switzerland

More web visitors

“More web visitors, better Google ranking, more followers on Linkedin. I would give it a high recommendation.”

Helga - Senergy Services AG

I expect to see improved marketing capabilities

“It was much better than my expectations. I expect to see Improved Marketing capabilities and possibly more sales in the next 12 months. It was just a very good experience and useful!”

Sebastian - Absfront AB

Great to get that external perspective

“It is great to get that external perspective on what we are doing well today and what we need to improve. The report gave us clear prioritization in our action list.”

Laura - Sweden

100% recommend it

“I expect a huge impact as we were missing some fundamentals. I 100% recommend it – it’s very useful and knowledgeable.”

Bharat - Simultech IT Limited

Greater detail than I expected

“I expected to receive a report tellig me to what extent our online presence was optimal. It came with greater detail than I expected. Do it! It will help you to define some quick wins that can make a difference.”

Marjanne - Hoppinger

Passion to share the knowledge

“Expectations met: same enthusiasm as the fellow workers of the team, as well as the passion to share the knowledge. Do not hesitate!”

Caroline - MAPA BV

I expect to see our website performance improve

“I expected a high-level overview of Nitec's online presence. It met those expectations and more - it was very detailed and insightful. I expect to see our website performance (particularly in relation to SEO and content) improve.”

Laura - Nitec Solutions

What are your benefits?

  • Roadmap: Get concrete next steps at the end of the experience - to help you set priorities, and determine where to start when optimizing your online presence
  • Position: All scores are benchmarked against other businesses in your industry
  • Increase online result: Follow the advice and you’ll increase website traffic, improve your search ranking, grow your social network followers, and a higher conversion % online

What do you get?

  • Website scan: an auditor will assess your website and online channels (value: €147,-)
  • Report: all findings, notes, improvements are combined in a report (value: €97,-)
  • Personal consult: Includes a call in which the auditor advises on next steps based on your results (value: €159,-)
  • Total value: €403,-

Price: €0,- (for Microsoft Partners only)

Online Presence Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

For who is the Online Presence Assessment?

The OPA shows what points on your website and social channels you can optimize to increase the number of visitors you attract and conversions you realize. With that in mind the OPA is most interesting for Business owners and marketers.

How long does it take for an OPA to be completed?

The analysis of your online presence will be ready within 5 days, and after you’ve received your report you’ll have the option to discuss the details of your report with one of our auditors.

How come the OPA is free for Microsoft partners?

Our team - the Boost Your Business team - partners with Microsoft to create programs that help grow a business. The OPA is one of those programs and has even been fully funded by Microsoft with the goal of offering this program to 1000 partners across Europe.